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Creative AI Symposium

Sydney Creative AI Symposium. At Diapason we are really excited to be part of the organising committee for the upcoming Sydney Creative AI Symposium. This will happen in August 18th-20th at UNSW School of Art & Design, Paddington Campus, on Gadigal Land. This event will bring together technologists, artists, arts organisations and researchers based in and around Sydney to showcase work, to take stock of what impact AI and generative technologies are having, now and in the future, to solve technological problems and to design the best world we can for arts communities.

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Regulations never sleep

Regs never sleep. And they can wake you up early. Early in the day and early in the startups life-cycle. When pitching for an early round, it’s tempting to think “Investors at this stage just need 1 slide or 2 to present our classification and a vague regulatory plan. In any case, they can always ask later, during the due diligence”. Experience proves that investors have done their homework:

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Tiro Cruzado

Groove of the day - Tiro Cruzado - Cross Fire A groovy bassline is the best possible start for a Wednesday. I discovered the track on Remi’s Delirium, an Orbital Radio show, also available here. Released by Sergio Mendes on Brazil 1988. This infectious bassline is from Nathan Watts, who has played on many of Stevie Wonder’s hits and tours. I experienced for the first time with this track the fact that music.

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