Diapason Consulting

Medical Devices

Even though I have been breathing, sleeping and thinking “medical devices” for most of the last 15 years of my life, I have suffered a blank page syndrome trying to create original content for this page to showcase my expertise in this field.

On the theoretical side, the internet is full already of excellent and free resources, so I don’t want to write yet another white paper. I can encourage you to check my publications; if you don’t know where to look for good whitepapers, give me a call, I can share some pointers.

On the practical side, have a look for instance at sonomat, maskmedic or Brainz (I worked on the earlier Kiwi version of this).

Give us a call. Whatever your device is - physical or only software, active or not, diagnostic or treatment, we can help you. Whatever your challenge is, technical, clinical or regulatory we can help you.