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May 3, 2023

Diapason creative - May 2023

Robot playing Violin

The generative and creative AI explosion is here to stay.

The prompt to image hype of mid 2022, driven by the likes of Midjourney, was not just a hype after all.
It was a first step in a bullet-train race which reached the conversational AI station in late 2022.

Now the train has split into a set of gigantic pinball multiballs, causing havoc across all industries.

The pinball wizard

What about music creation? What about the music industry?

Unlike AI-generated photos and pictorial arts, AI-generated music had not been fooling anyone (So far).

AI-generated music has won prestigious awards, but only in AI-specific competitions. (So far).

But last week - how timely - the #drakegate flipped over this status quo.


What does this mean? Is this the inflection point where music eventually join images and text in this crazy train?

I am super excited and honored for Diapason to produce AI & Music, a part of Spark Festival’s AI&U, supported by the City of Sydney.

Looking forward to discussing all these questions and more! We will:

  • Catch up with some of our friends from the 2022 UNSW AI #CreativeAI_Sydney and explore how much this train has advanced since.
  • Hear about the fears and hopes of reflective practitioners, present and emerging.

Before engaging in these discussions, we will follow Frank Zappa’s advice about architecture and dance, and treat you with two musical performances involving various forms of creative AI.


Ollie and I will then be joined by other practitioners for the #nofilter discussion panel that will conclude the formal part of the event.

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Frank Zappa

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