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Creative May

Diapason creative - May 2023 The generative and creative AI explosion is here to stay. The prompt to image hype of mid 2022, driven by the likes of Midjourney, was not just a hype after all. It was a first step in a bullet-train race which reached the conversational AI station in late 2022. Now the train has split into a set of gigantic pinball multiballs, causing havoc across all industries.

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Creative 23Q1

Diapason creative - 2023 Q1 Newsletter Diapason’s resonances this past quarter After a sold-out concert at Redfern’s iconic 107 venue, Lili Alaska and her band (yours truly included) were lucky to be the first to try out the newly equipped recording studio at the Bondi Pavilion. The same location we opened up with Lindy back in September. Great feel playing with a brand new set of Zildjian cymbals (little known trivia: Zildjian is one of the oldest operating companies in the world).

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Creative September

Diapason creative - September Newsletter Diapason’s resonances this past month Wind of Change I rarely listen to multipart podcast series. I tend to binge rather than schedule, so this would be too competing with my workload. I stumbled though last month on Wind of Change from Patrick Radden Keefe. The song that gives it name to the podcast has been part of my teenage years - and this is when (teen+early adulthood) we forge our deepest sensory memories and tastes in music, as is known and used by music-based therapy for Alzeihmer patients.

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Creative August

Diapason creative - August Newsletter Diapason’s resonances this past month CreativeAI_Sydney I just received my invitation to DALL-E 2 and have started playing with it as you can guess from the images on this post. I haven’t used Midjourney and Gaugan yet. Beyond the “fun” of it, I have been blown away by the quality and depth of some of some of the artworks I have seen recently, like this journey or this landscape.

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Creative July

Diapason creative - July Newsletter Diapason’s resonances this past month Dope news from Lili Alaska. Nice concerts recently in Bondi and in the iconic Powerhouse; Glad Lili went through the French tradition that has been forging characters at the real #FeteDeLaMusique since the 80s: packing a band setup in less than 4 minutes under the rain :D When the Roots are Deep, new single just released with Santino Salvadore. Give it a spin here as well.

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