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Gratuite du Credit (In French)

I wrote this review of Gratuite du Credit back in 2007 or so, whilst living in New Zealand, for an website that has since disappeared, “bookine.org” The topic came up recently with a friend, and the host was kind enough to fish it for me :) Adolescent gauchisant, par la suite jeune adulte AAA, non pas Ancien Alcoolique Anonyme (ceux qui ont de la bouteille LOL), quoique, mais Abstentionniste Anarcho-Apolitique, par le hasard des rencontres je me suis lié dernièrement d’amitié avec un membre des “instances” dirigeantes du parti Libertarianz.

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Socratic Bot

This is a follow-up from my earlier post. This is really entertaining. It is also depressingly addictive. Self-indulging as well: what a luxury it is to be able to engage in a polite, seemingly rationale discussion with s̶o̶m̶e̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶ something that can reply almost instantly to each point, yet can wait with an infinite patience for my responses. It also is a great support for fictional Socratic dialogues(*) - a very effective medium to convey philosophical ideas by guiding a student to reach the conclusion through their own reasoning.

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Creative history

This fascinating article explains very well how pareidolia combined with the fire lit environment of a paleolithic dwelling could have given birth to different forms of pictorial art. The hypothesis is highly relevant and the story is easily envisioned ; the aura of a campfire and its impact on our mental state is undeniable. I’m curious about the statement that (at that time) “huge amounts of time and effort would have gone into finding food, water and shelter, it’s fascinating to think that people still found the time and capacity to create art”.

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