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April 6, 2022

Freeze Thaw Battery

Brilliant example of Innovation. Moving our energy grids away from fossil fuel comes with many challenges, among them the storage of energy at the yearly/seasonal scale. There are several existing solutions already developed, based on different principles. But pushing these solutions further is raising other, new challenges: using more rare materials creates further environmental damage and generate politico-economic incidents. Some tech may be dangerous at large scale, or too costly, or have a too large footprint.

These researchers came up with a solution based on safe and simple (on paper&bench - so far) principles.

This story instantly reminded me of TRIZ. Obviously the use of a phase change is principle #36.

I haven’t participated into a TRIZ project in almost 20 years (actually I’m just realizing I have never heard of it being used around in Australia?). I have always been impressed by the deep research background behind it. The laws of technical systems evolution are very intriguing - like everytime the concepts discovered by Darwin are applied to other objects than biological life.

I need to deep-dive again to check how this example could be mapped accurately to a TRIZ process.